• Maldives beach villas

    Beach Villas
    One of the best resort in Maldives, the 50 Beach Villas offer exclusive accommodation with stylish settings and elegant Italian design. With direct acce...
  • Family beach villas

    Family Beach Villas
    One of the best family resort in Maldives, the Family Beach Villas offer stylish accommodation for families with children. With direct access to the bea...
  • Maldives beach suites

    Beach Suites
    Enjoy unparalleled beach suites in the Maldives in the Beach Suite. Wildwood is two-hundred-year-old wood. A piece of the past for a contemporary interi...
  • Beach Suites with Pool

    Beach Suites with Pool
    One of the most recent resorts in Maldives, the exclusive Beach Suite with Pool offers elegant accommodation with private pool and stylish Italian desig...
  • Lagoon Villas Maldives

    Lagoon Villas
    Discover the exclusive design and comforts of the Lagoon Villas. The mood for Cocoon Maldives is exclusive. Every element, from the complementary pieces...
  • Lagoon Suites Maldives

    Lagoon Suites
    One of the best new suites resort to be found in Maldives, discover the unparalleled elegance of the Lagoon Suite. The mood for Cocoon Maldives is exclu...
  • Lagoon pool suite

    Lagoon Suite Pool
    One of the most exclusive resort in Maldives, the Lagoon Suite Pool offers unique accommodation settings with private pool and stylish Italian design.


Your Villa is perfectly designed for your comfort. Contemporary interior of your villa surrounded by infinite turquoise blue ocean is a blend of luxury and tropical tranquillity.

The villas are fully designed for you to relax, unwind and experience a timeless vacation with us. The beachfront terrace overlooks the stunning crystal clear ocean while your private garden is the ideal way to experience sunshine filled days with sun loungers, day bed, swimming pool and outdoor shower.

The Maldives’ natural beauty with the best of Italian design is a blend of style and nature. With beds that float in the air, rustic wildwood tables, Cocoon has 150 guest villas, 3 restaurants and 2 bars exclusively designed by LAGO, the award-winning Italian designer.

It is chic luxury with an affordable price tag.

Suites & Villas
  • Maldives Suites

    Suites & Villas
    The first design resort in the Maldives, Villas and Suites of the Cocoon Resort offers four exclusive sartorially conceived COCOON MALDIVES moods, imagi...
  • Maldives spa

    The Cube Spa
    Experience refreshing rejuvenation at the Cube Spa best Maldives Spa resort, discreetly located within a dedicated compound and set amidst lush garden...
  • Lago design furniture

    LAGO for Cocoon
    To create an empathic designer space, in which the traveller felt welcomed and live an unforgettable experience is what led the design of the luxury resort
  • Maldives restaurants

    Restaurants & Bars
    With a selection of three Restaurants & two Bars, you will be spoilt for choice. The resort offers Restaurant with Buffet Meals, Coffee Shop and Beach B...